A message from our Founders

Over the past 10 years we have helped hundreds of home improvement contractors generate high-value leads and customers from the internet. We credit our long-term success over the years to leveraging cutting edge digital marketing technology to generate leads, while helping each unique client scale a complete online presence that establishes trust with the American homeowner authentically.

Matt Colangelo


Matt Colangelo is a serial entrepreneur and veteran digital marketer. He’s been passionately helping home improvement contractors grow their business through lead generation & online marketing for 10+ years. Matt loves helping his clients thrive for the long-term.

Phil K. James


Phil K. James has been working as a professional marketer for over 20 years. He specializes in lead generation using Facebook & Instagram to laser focus on targeting high-value customers at the right time and place. Phil is a big believer in automation.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help home improvement contractors from across America grow their home improvement business through a respectable & ever evolving online presence that generates leads & customers on a monthly basis and for the long-term!

Our Core Values

The following are the core values we share internally and with our team and customers from across America.


We specialize in helping home improvement contractors, retailers, and service provides generate more leads and improve their online presence. Our system is designed to help businesses just like yours for the long term.


You can count on us to deliver high quality leads to your business today and for the long term. We achieve this through social media campaigns and by building a complete online presence. All our work is supported by a team of marketing experts.


We use the latest technology to deliver and nurture leads for your home improvement business. When building your complete online presence, we use the latest website and marketing automation platforms on the market today.


Delivering results is a top priority for everything we do. We are committed to delivering high quality leads to our customers today and for the long term. This is achieved through our proven processes for using the internet to its full potential.

The Origin Story

It Started With A Love For Digital Marketing

It Started With A Love
For Digital Marketing

We discovered our love for digital marketing many years ago while serving business owners in our local communities that wanted help marketing their business online.

First we started building websites, then we moved onto SEO and Google Ads, and when the world adopted Social Media at mass, we cracked the code with Facebook Ads and marketing automation.

As the digital marketing landscape evolved and became more powerful, we became more established and successful. With 100's of customers served, we continue to love what we do and are proud of the results we deliver!

Home Improvement Clients Started Getting Great Results

Home Improvement Clients
Started Getting Great Results

While we were happy to support any kind of business out there, we started to notice that we were providing our customers in the home improvement space with exponential results.

Their websites looked great and their campaigns were generating leads at scale. They were depending on us a true strategic partner to help grow their business and they were grateful for our hard work.

The work we were doing in the home improvement space was fun, repeatable, and fulfilling. So we pushed towards doing more of it.

The Leadefy System Was Born

We loved doing digital marketing for home improvement contractors so much, that we decided to build a company that specializes in just that.

Leadefy's turn-key lead generation systems were made exclusively for home improvement contractors and their various lead generation and online marketing needs.

Today we are on a mission to help home improvement contractors across America establish a complete online presence while generating the high quality leads they need to grow their business today and for the long-term!

Whether you need leads today, at volume, or slowly over time, we have the turn-key lead generation solution that is perfect for your business.

We can't wait to play a role in helping more home improvement contractors realize their dream of building a great American business. We are here to help, one lead and one contractor at a time.

Are You Ready to Grow
Your Home Improvement Business?

Are You Ready to Grow Your Home Improvement Business?

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